Frequently Ask Questions

What is the concept of Contract Marketing at Sehat Pharma ?

It is an innovative marketing approach developed by Sehat Pharma for pharma professionals to become dignified independent entrepreneurs for their secure future and unlimited earnings.

Contract Marketing will help pharma professionals capitalize on the goodwill created by them amongst their network of doctors, retailers and stockists so that both – the Contract Marketer and Sehat Pharma Pvt. Ltd. – are benefited.

What is the required profile of a Contract Marketer?

Any pharma professional involved in sales or marketing and has dreams of becoming an independent entrepreneur can become a Contract Marketer for Sehat Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

In fact, any visionary pharma professional – whether a District Manager, Regional Manager, a Zonal Manager a Product Manager, a General Manager or a Vice President can be our Contract Marketer.

Those affected by VRS, mergers, acquisitions and pink slips, [even those who are not likely to be affected but wish to become their own masters!] in this era of uncertainty are also potential candidates.

What is the area of operation that a Contract Marketer can operate in?

Depending on ones sphere of influence and the capacity to invest, one can opt for an entire state or even a part of a state like Vidharbha, Telangana, Coastal Andhra, Saurashtra or Purvanchal and appoint medical representatives under him.

What are the investments required against earning potential for Contract Marketers?

If the Contract Marketer wishes to have a team of say 5 medical representatives, one may have to invest Rs. 2.5 to 3.00 lakhs initially. If one wishes to have more medical representatives, the investment will have to be proportionately more.

The earnings of a Contract Marketer will be definitely much more than what one is currently earning. The earnings potential will increase in proportion to your investment and efforts.

What kind of support will Sehat Pharma provide to its Contract Marketers?

Our Contract Marketer is not alone in his endeavor. He will have the full backing of marketing professionals based at the Corporate Office. They are very successful professionals drawn from multinationals and Indian multinational pharmaceutical companies. They will provide the Contract Marketers with world-class promotional inputs and strategies. Contract Marketers will also have the option to avail training facilities, both classroom and on-the-job training.

I am interested in becoming a Contract Marketer, how do I start?

A prospective Contract Marketer is required to send in his C.V. to Sehat Pharma, indicating the following:

The next obvious step is a visit to our Corporate Office at Himatnagar to further discuss and finalize the contract.

Details about his experience in the pharma industry

The state / region where he wishes to operate

The number of medical representatives he wishes to employ

His marketing plan for the next 3 years, giving quarterly break-up of projected sales and any new territories that you may wish to take up in future

Details about his resource planning including human and financial resources.

What is the infrastructure requirement for a Contract Marketer?

A visionary Contract Marketer will always have his own wholesale license and sales tax number. This will make him a truly independent entrepreneur. This will avoid middlemen who can eat into the profits of our Contract Marketer.

For better catering of retailers and to focus on prescription generation, the Contract Marketer will need to appoint his own stock-points.

Secretarial assistance will help him concentrate on his core activity of prescription generation.

What promotional inputs can a Contract Marketer expect from Sehat Pharma ?

From time-to-time Sehat Pharma will provide:

World-class visual-aid folders, printed promotional material, regular scientific information, leave behind literature and other printed inputs.

Physician samples in elegantly designed cache covers.

Gifts like desk calendars, paperweights or many such brand recall aids.

What is the long-term security with Sehat Pharma ?

The very purpose of our innovative marketing approach is to provide a secure future for pharma professionals after years of heartburn, tension and sleepless month end closings.

There will be a bilateral and mutually agreed growth oriented contract between the Contract Marketer and Sehat Pharma .

Our philosophy is to have a long-term – nay-perpetual relations – with all our Contract Marketers.

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