About Sehat Pharma

The Company Under Name & Title: Sehat Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Got incorporated way back in 1996 by business group of Industrial Entrepreneurs Lalas and under able business leadership of Honorable Shri Maqbool Lala, Ishaque Lala ( M. Pharm ) and Zakir Lala, From inception Sehat......aimed and Started as small scale Industries with ethnically well organized own Manufacturing plants and professionally well organized own Supportive marketing set-up for Exploring high profile domestic markets of India with gynaec and other Specialties, some of them launched for the first time in the country.

SEHAT Group of Companies has embarked on the philosophy of Contract Marketing throughout the country. Professionals with entrepreneurial skills are the chosen Contract Marketers and set to multiply the current business to orbit SEHAT Group of Companies to become a pharma major within the next 3 years.

SEHAT Group of Companies is an emerging corporate in the pharma sector with focus on contract marketing. Our aim is to provide a platform for field managers, product managers and even General Managers and Vice-Presidents from the pharma industry to become independent entrepreneurs by becoming our Contract Marketers.

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