As a pharma professional in the field of marketing, you must be aware of the far-reaching changes taking place in the Indian pharma sector which may already have impacted you or soon will. Why wait until these changes highjack your career -- especially when there is an opportunity available to you to write your own success story.

There are rewards awaiting you as a successful entrepreneur.

As a pharma professional with 10 - 15 years of experience in the area of sales and marketing you may still be working or have recently opted for voluntary retirement. In either case, you have several productive years ahead of you. The objective is to make you aware of the opportunity that is available to you, encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity and become a successful entrepreneur.

The opportunity we are talking about is Contract Marketing.


There are two kinds of people. One ignores the opportunity when it knocks and the other opens the door.

You will be different if you read the writing on the wall, and take steps to minimize the impact of the changes occurring in the pharma sector that may affect your professional life.

Pharmaceutical companies which have survived the changes taking place in the sector are adopting all kinds of strategies to survive in the new regime. Some have taken the route of mergers and acquisitions, some have launched VRS while others are simply asking their field and marketing personnel to leave or are transferring them.

The imposition of intellectual property rights, product patent and GATT have slowed the pace of new product launches which is going to impact the growth of several pharma companies over a period of time. Moreover, now the Indian pharma companies will have to fight tooth and nail with multinationals for a respectable market share

Come join us as Contract Marketer!!!


Especially when an excellent opportunity for growth is right before you.

For those of you who think positively and want to chart their own destiny, now is the time to act before the situation is beyond salvage. After all, you have the right experience, and extensive contact with the medical fraternity. Moreover, the per capita consumption of drugs in India is the lowest in the world at Rs 138 (compared to Rs 8,786 in the USA and Rs 18,952 in Japan).

With the expanding population and life-style disease segment in India the per capita consumption of medicine in India can only go up. You will have tremendous opportunity to capitalize on your contacts and skills to market your products. The market is ripe. Go out and encash.

Knowing the scenario which is unfolding in the pharma sector and understanding its impact on professionals like you, three companies under the sehat Group of Companies have an innovative Contract Marketing to help you face the challenges that lie ahead.


Your investment in the venture will depend upon the scale of operation you wish to handle. For example, if you wish to start-off with a team of five MRs, you should be prepared to invest around Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. Depending on the efforts you put in, this investment will yield good return. The payback period may be as low as six months, and you are likely to settle down within 2-3 months of starting the venture.

Your future is secure with us. We know that the money you are investing in this venture is your hard earned money after going through years of tensions and sleepless month-end closings. There will a bilateral agreement between you as a contract marketer and our company for a growth oriented business plan.

You are not alone in this venture - We are together with you in your efforts. We are here to constantly guide and help you. In addition, we provide world-class promotional materials such as visual aids, leave-behind literature, products at glance, visiting cards, order books, etc. We also provide strategic inputs and training programmes to MRs to sharpen their skills as a marketer.

We suggest that you obtain your own Wholesale Drugs Licence and Sales Tax ( Tin )numbers so that there are no middlemen to eat into your margins. For effective distribution, you may appoint stockists to work for you.


By now, we hope there is no doubt in your mind that this is truly a Godsend opportunity. You must immediately act on it. If you act now, you stand a better chance of getting the company, products and territory of your choice.

Please spare a few minutes to fill-in the online form now, or simply download the form in PDF format, fill-in and mail to us right away.

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